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Welcome to Facility Perspectives

The partnership of Executive Media and The Facility Management Association of Australia now sees Facility Perspectives entering its 9th year.

Designed to address facilities management issues and topics of interest to facility managers, Facility Perspectives is an authoritative strategically focused magazine that contains leading industry coverage of news, views and industry trends. Facility Perspectives is mailed directly to all FMA Australia and FMA New Zealand members, and is also available to facilities management and property industry practitioners through subscription.

Since the launch of the inaugural edition, Facility Perspectives has established itself as the 'must have' magazine for Facility Managers right across Australia. The enthusiastic reception of the Facility Perspectives stand at the ideaction Conference is a testament to the magazine's popularity and respect amongst practitioners in facilities management and related property industries.

FMA Australia members and industry practitioners are invited to provide editorial submissions to the magazine by emailing media@executivemedia.com.au or calling 03 9274 4200.

Advertising space is strictly limited, advertising packages designed to suit your corporate needs are available for each edition and these can be discussed directly with Executive Media via telephone on (03) 9274 4200, email media@executivemedia.com.au, or you can discuss your investment in one of the special advertising packages available with a representative.

Subscriptions are available from isubscribe.com.au

Facility Perspectives